Your email address will not be published. Mick Taylor of That Pedal Show has one of these and loves it, so we know it's really great sounding - hand-made in the Netherlands - but boy is it large! No need for cab sim. As an aside, I also use a Wampler Euphoria which works just fine. Wampler Euphoria/Tumnus vs Keeley Oxblood/Super Phat Mod (self.guitarpedals) submitted 1 year ago * by gofishus. significant flubbiness. Hi Brian thank you very much for all your enjoyable videos. "Hey Tomas - it says so in the article - Function F"... "Hej Stefan, In any case this a really great and versatile pedal, even though my Simble gives me a better tone. The very best pedals can give you a pretty decent flavour of that, but some can do quite a bit more. Am thinking about trading it for a Tumnus. Boss HM-2W Heavy Metal Waza Craft Edition is Green-Lit for 2021! 15 comments. 0 Comment Report abuse The Wampler Euphoria (formerly the Ecstacy, but the good people at Bogner took exception) is an extremely versatile overdrive pedal that pushes well into distortion-pedal space before it’s done. In order to get these “stacked” pedals to sound and work properly you’ll need to use them a little differently than you would if they were ran alone. One secret to finding that elusive perfect tone is to use two dirt pedals “stacked together” to cascade your gain structure instead of just running a single drive pedal with the gain all of the way up, or running a dirt pedal into a cranked amp. The Shin-Juku is often overlooked in the Dumble overviews, but it too produces a pretty sweet liquid overdrive. Next we have the even larger Van Weelden Royal Overdrive which is not an exact clone really, but overlaps in many key areas tonally - this goes for around £649. Alpha Distribution Showcases Revamped Amptweaker Range following its Takeover of James Brown's Pedal Brand, Cooper FX Arcades Modular Multi-FX Workstation : Card Spotlight Series #4 : REVERB. Required fields are marked *. Wampler presents Distortion Pedals Euphoria.If you are on the lookout for guitar and bass effects or guitars and basses in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Join us on Facebook! The term “stacking” refers to connecting more than one overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedal together and using them both at the same time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When it comes to guitar pedals/effects, there are endless possibilities of combinations to create the perfect tone for the scenario that you’re in, whether it’s just jamming at home with a jam track or in a live band setting in front of a packed venue. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51500000033764 site51500000000026760 New J47763 Wampler Euphoria Overdrive Pedal site51500000033764 false significant flubbiness. Tumnus vs Timmy Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by Bob Sushko, Aug 17, 2018. It is a very neutral sounding pedal which many seem to like, although I like my Dumble with a touch more oomph - same as my Klon really. Wampler Tumnus V2 Overdrive & Boost Guitar Effects Pedal Shop now at Amazon From Amazon If the large footprint pedals on this list have got you … I love the results of stacking the Tumnus into the Euphoria, and the Clarksdale into the Plexi Drive. ... Open quick view dialog for Wampler Euphoria Overdrive Pedal { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Wampler Euphoria Overdrive Pedal. A three-way switch toggles between Smooth, Open and Crunch (light fuzz) modes. These can be difficult to get hold of, and many feel they sound very close to Zendrives, which means they are somewhat lacking in low end for my tastes - but still very dynamic and great sounding. Impulse Response Technology – How does it work. Foxpedal folding and little stock remaining, I will probably snap up one of those remaining ones before I put in my order at Custom Tones. Am Std Tele into a BillModded BJ'r . Here are a few tips when configuring your stacking setup to maximize tone: Keep in mind that there are no wrong ways to stack your gain! The controls are somewhat unusual - but via 3 dials and 4 toggle switches you get to change voicings and low, middle and high frequencies - it's just a touch quirky really, but boy does it sound amazing - as in Brett's demo above. It is only the second one, that I know of, from this company. You can certainly really strongly catch key aspects of the amp, but only a few slices of the pie at best really. Share Quote. Probably fine if you’re going to base your whole core sound around it, not so good if you want lots of different tones and textures like I do. NelsonP Frets: 1838 . Wampler Euphoria V2 Wampler seemingly nails the amp-in-a-box thing time and time again. Two things stand out from this picture: 1) the presence of a Treble knob and 2) the half hooven animal/half man image. What's Hot. Note: This article updated May 20, 2020 by Brian Wampler. I’m a big fan of stacking OD pedals together, so much so that it almost seems weird to run one alone for very long. Wampler has painstakingly and faithfully reproduced that magical tone in all its glory in an unbelievably small package, and its name is Tumnus. At the time I was very close to going with the J Rockett ’The Dude’ too, but decided on Simble at the last moment. Tumnus is a versatile addition to any setup, any style. There are several advantages to doing this, including extra control of the nuances of your EQ to how the gain reacts in terms of the bloom of the notes. Unless you have a ready spare £50,000 - £100,000 - few of us will ever own a genuine Alexander Dumble Overdrive Special amp - of which only around 300 were built. So, Wampler makes good pedals, no doubt. Tumnus is a versatile addition to any setup, any style. Checkout all of the videos on our Youtube channel! The Golden Acorn has long been on my radar, but there are other pedal priorities way above that, and I don't so much use my mini pedals any more. In fact I get the best single Dumble tone out of the Simble, but prefer the Euphoria for its versatility. Which is the most versatile overdrive out of these guys? Wampler has painstakingly and faithfully reproduced that magical tone in all its glory in an unbelievably small package, and its name is Tumnus. Wampler Tumnus Deluxe Overdrive Effects Pedal. Note that each pedal has a 3-way voicing switch on the side which lights up a different colour LED - so this is a step above in versatility to the Zendrive - although this pedal too is very neutral sounding at its core relatively pricey though. It's basically a combination of bass and body - and I was dialling it in quite wrong to start with and getting horrible tones - I suggest somewhere between 7 and 8 o'clock is optimal - at least for humbuckers. The Simble is a little bit 'Goldilocks' with a great sweet spot - while the Euphoria offers up several workable tones. With the release of the Tumnus Deluxe, Brian has set the new standard. Essentially, it's a two channel device, based on the same circuitry as two pedals in Wampler's existing range: the Euphoria and the Paisley Overdrive, but with modifications according to Tom Quayle's specifications. The Grass adds some nice mid-definition and compression. What is the mini pedal in the RAT "... "Hey Sytse - I'm aware of the Vindicator - for "... "Thank you once again for supplying a wealth of "... "Hey Mark - I may not be 100% correct on this "... "Hi Stefan. The Toshihiko Tanabe Dumble-alike pedals come in a variety of flavours and colourways - Zenkudo for humbucker guitars, Dumkudo for single coils and in various single or dual versions - not unlike the Shin versions above, but in a still smaller form factor. 12 of the Best Tube Screamer Style Pedals, 12 Degrees of Saturation - 2020 Key Fuzz Categories Edition, 12 Degrees of Saturation : 2020 Key Distortion Categories Edition, 12 Degrees of Saturation : 2020 Key Overdrive Categories Edition, Singular Dominant Pedal Colour Association by Guitar Pedal Type / Genre.

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