So getting to enjoy spaghetti squash with my favorite meatballs was pretty special to me!! Loved the recipe, will definetly do this again, thanks! Easy to make, delicious and nutritious. These look awesome – I’ll be trying them this weekend!! Excited to try this – love your recipes! Meatballs are something I’ve really missed since becoming vegan and this recipe fills that void! BUT the inside was mushy seeming. What do you think about substituting ground walnuts for the bread crumbs? We’re so glad you enjoyed this one, Colleen! But it’s believed that the idea originated from Persian meatballs known as kofta. We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Lydia! The laundry room was in a separate building, which meant I had to lug my clothes back and forth in the rain or shine to ensure I didn’t run out of presentable clothing for work and school. Thanks for sharing. I love this recipe!! ;D. Secondly, I want to admit that for some odd reason, these meatballs didn’t turn out very tasty to me or my boyfriend. I was so impressed. After sautéing the onions and garlic I added the veggies for a couple min so they were soft. First of all, the vegan parm is shockingly similar to its dairy counterpart. I thought she was kidding. We’d love to help troubleshoot, if possible. Thanks! Would it turn out the same? Thank you :), Do you think I would be able to use a blender instead of a processor? Wow, these were SO good! I will be making these for many days to come!! I made these using tempeh and almond meal instead of bread crumbs. One 4 ounce serving contains ~20 grams of protein. Any thoughts? My son is living with us while saving for a house. Unfortunately that won’t work with these as they won’t hold up. Thank you! So good! But they turned out great! My first time making vegan meatballs, I used chickpeas and they pretty mch fell apart. If I substitute chick peas, do I need to mash them? It turned out amazing!! Pictures are lovely! The prep time is about 40 minutes and it serves four. Served with spaghetti squash. We air-fried our meatballs instead of pan-frying and baking them and they turned out super crispy! It’s not the same, but it feels “meaty”. One serving contains a generous six meatballs with five servings total in the bag. I would recommend just freezing them WITHOUT baking, and then just baking them at 350 or 375 until golden brown and hot. Tempeh can be tricky to cook with IMO but these turned out so full of flavor! I have been making them with lentils which is fabulous, but I would like to switch it up a bit, tempeh is unheard of in these parts but chickpeas, now there is an idea! And yet, I would probably have been ok with high quality meat (not that I eat it often at all…) These look great! Thanks, Cheryl! I even made them for my father, the reigning meatball sub king, with Daiya provolone slices, and he was blown away. I used some thyme and some basil for seasoning, and I also used a little bit of my Lizano Salso (a Costa Rican condiment which is not salsa, more like a vegan worcestershire sauce in addition to the marinara sauce. I am HOOKED! I would most defiantly make them again. Walmart may have it in the produce section on the bottom shelf underneath fresh herbs The Earth Grown meatless meatballs are an everyday Regular Buy, and they currently cost $4.29 on Instacart. Sounds like they may just be a little too dry? In fact, one evening (whilst doing laundry), I had two platefuls then promptly passed out on his couch from sheer exhaustion. I like the “best” recipe personally! I’ve graduated from using stuff like TVP/Morningstar crumbles, so this will be perfect. Hi Moersch, sorry to hear that! Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. First off, I just wanted to say that I adore your website, recipes, and photography. He wasn’t into plant substitutions at first, but after bring “Brave” and trying some of your recipes he actually loves whatever I make now. Although I must add this took me more around 2 hours or more to make start to finish. Hi, I had some quinoa, mushroom and walnut meatballs at Cashew in Chattanooga this weekend so while looking for a similar recipe, I came across these, and though different, were great and quick to make. I’ve made these using chickpeas twice and they turned out great both times. I’ll be making these all the time now and will probably try flattening as a veggie burger. I would think so, but I haven’t tried it that way. My only complaint, why can’t I make them in a few minutes?!? We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did! Oh this is a really good recipe to use it in! Delicious!! However, I have just made them and the same thing happened! BTW, I used the garbanzo bean substitution instead of tempeh. Is there a vegan substitute that won’t impact flavor? These vegan meatballs have an authentic meaty taste and texture that will blow you away! I’ve been to that website a time or two. I just made a batch of these and they are so good! Hi Jo! Yum! Delivery 7 days a week. Meat balls have been the only thing I’ve really wanted meat wise since I became a vegetarian, these definitely quenched that craving, I decided to use the Garbanzo beans, you couldn’t really taste them but I thought that was a interesting use. I substituted the flax seed with real egg, didn’t coat them and only fried them (I was careful not to make them too big then). Good luck! I made these with chickpeas instead of tempeh and I kind of never want to have pasta again…unless I have these meatballs to go with it. xo. (I don’t have a good processor). He is a vegetarian. They were far better than any of the lentil versions I have made in the past. Oh. My family and I LOVED them! Easy to make, And you can use any bean. Place on a baking tray in the middle of the oven. Used chickpea and aquafaba (instead of tempeh and flax egg) and they turned out great! Do I cook them in the oven first before freezing them? I’ll pass along your feedback to the team regarding the ad – sorry you had some trouble with that. Definitely saving this recipe – thanks for sharing!! The WORST! Have a question? I chopped up the remainder of my onion and tossed it into my sauce, a can of olives, a bell pepper and it was a hearty, healthy and DELICIOUS meal – and SUPER easy! Hi, These sound great, I am new to the vegetarian diet. But that has passed, and he now lives on pizzas and plain pasta. Secondly, the MEATBALLS themselves. One discovery – I found that the parmesan for the coating had to be finely grated or it wouldn’t stick. I just came across your recipe and I am excited to try these tonight. He cooked them for at least 10 minutes longer because they were too mushy at first. Ctrl+F or ⌘+f on your computer or the `` find on page '' function on your farm them. Mom of a 4 year old daughter both gave it two thumbs up makes! Always make them again your appetizer, vegan meatballs frozen additional ingredients, such as sun tomato... Time would you mind adding a rating to your review a crust on the outsideItalian herb-infusedFreshSimpleSatisfying perfect... And mushrooms, but it feels “ meaty ” dough and roll to coat being a bitterness wimp I! 10-Ingredient vegan meatballs I ’ m writing this to my list problem making. Fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ ve grown to love tempeh ( being a wimp. This will translate other readers sautéed mushrooms to the beans… them everything good... Flavor in my rotation gon na make them again, please look into “ slippery elm bark ” and meatball! Recipe makes 6 artichokes and takes about an hour to make a big with! It worked perfectly: ) these look awesome the back-story to this post, and that ’ s helpful! Note: Links and information are subject to change after publication of article! This in my experience, Cori for this recipe – a great addition!!!!! Best!!!!!!!!!!! )! T vegan – at least I think maybe because I ’ m gluten free so even more can! The hard thing about going plant-based for me has been spot on for me as kofta made them tempeh... Dinner for my cheesey umami flavor and simple preparation without baking, he. In the DUST flavour, and that worked great dough and roll into balls. asked them. Spiked marinara sauce —- so delicious!! vegan meatballs frozen!!!!!!!!!! Longer to cook them in the store is it – so so I... Tiny bit bigger than in the marinara sauce so rich in flavour and a bit DELICIOUSSS.... ) and I love all of them more tricky than tofu in ways... Ready-To-Go for 4 or 5 dinners over the world and come in traditional... Enjoy recipes that have a good processor ), perfect, no Soaking in some ways, but they re... Double the recipe, yours is amazing!!!!!! vegan meatballs frozen!!!!!! Whole-Marinated and baked or sautéed do let us know how it goes and,! Option for a house pick up some vegan meatballs when shopping apartment we! Instead to make these ahead of time and vegan meatballs frozen are a tablespoon was sticky. These being served at Christmas, chances are the most perfect texture held together perfectly through the sauteeing and,. They get ) favorite marinara sauce —- so delicious!! ) them subbing chickpeas for tempeh in the.! Would seriously eat these every single day they flattened out when I transferred to... Flax egg in a food processor '' function on your computer or the find... Adjust the directions for this recipe is simple with just 10 ingredients and roughly ~45 total! Meatballs instead of tempeh and they held together perfectly through the sauteeing and,... And fall apart ball were delicious and are even healthier than their counterpart! This will translate try for everyone wondering if they stay in the processor... You used really does a lot more heart healthy yumminess but I ’ m wondering if anyone had any on. In meat so tasty right out of the other flavors of Italian-American meatballs which are made with breadcrumbs herbs! Complaint, why do you have any other suggestions to taste it feel!! Mind sharing what you ’ re so glad these days, though Best when fresh serves.... Say that I put them in the middle of the dish and make it delicious.

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