In a world where Urza and Meren set up insane value engines that are very difficult to disrupt, the game needs a deck that can choke the life out of those blazing fast decks and show them that reality is a harsh and unyielding mistress. combo jumbocommander mh1 stax. Additionally, Urza has the unique benefit of breaking parity with mana denial stax pieces such as Static Orb and Winter Orb. Urza, Lord High Artificer leverages fast artifact mana and wincons such as Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal, and Power Artifact + Grim Monolith. Maindeck 100. While competitive EDH is fun, it’s a much faster format that requires specific types of cards. Urza Combo-Stax-Friend-Ender by JumboCommander. Last Modified On: 5/31/2019 Market Median Low — $3,333.91 $2,028.61 Buy This Deck! Format: Freeform. Leovold himself was the actual lock/stax/unfun piece that made Wheel effects better and as oppressive as they were; Urza is an ENABLER for the Orb effects but doesn't have the same card text that attacks the basic pillars of MTG like Leovold did. (100 cards, 74 distinct) - Mana Drain, Mana Crypt, Force of Will, Force of Negation, Mana Vault, Sensei's Divining Top, Chrome Mox Latest Set: Eternal. These days, in addition to being quite handy in EDH, the card is seen in Legacy decks such as Nic … The way EDH has evolved, it needs Stax to keep it honest. First printed in Tempest, the card was a key inclusion in the top-tier decks that warped the game during the time of the Urza Block and the era known as "Combo Winter."

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