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There's an anti-rotation and rotary stability component that isn't present during the bilateral or isolateral versions. In other words, if your upper arm is moving in toward the front of your body, in some way, you will involve the chest. The straight-arm cable pulldown is an exercise that is relatively easy to perform. If cable attachment is too high, grasp attachment first, then sit down. Performing the Straight-arm Pushdown Emphasize the stretch : This is a great warmup movement because of the stretch you can achieve using a pulley or cable machine. While pullovers also use that function, the cable straight-arm pulldown is superior to maximally target the lats because the tension is more constant throughout the range of motion, whereas dumbbells or a barbell only load half of the movement. 20 Finest Male Fitness Models and Their Story, The Most Effective Method to Improve Your Fitness With 4 Pack abs, Legs Press vs Squat: The Killer Training for Legs, Weighted Crunches- Learn How can Effective Help You Build Abs, Female Fitness Model: Inspiration For Your Fitness Journey Ahead. With that being said, there’s also a point of diminishing returns. Don’t change the position of your trunk as that may make things awful for you. For the upper body, this workout can help make movements easier by working out the right muscles. This one is a convenient version of the pullover … Straight-arm dumbbell pullovers work your lats, pecs, and abs. With elbows fixed approximately 30°, pull cable attachment down until upper arms are to sides. #lats #backday #cable #standinglatpushdown #getbig @fpsnate128. This is how you can have your straight arm pulldown muscles worked. Pullovers round out the developmental picture and should be part of any chest routine – yes, even in the 21 st century. Stand in front of a high pulley with your feet shoulder-width apart. Since it also targets the lats, this exercise leaves a lasting impact on this body part. Attach a straight bar to a cable … This is an awesome exercise for upper-body strength training and makes a great alternative to the dumbbell pullover. There is a reason why so many trainers at the gym recommend the straight arm pullover as an efficient exercise. -Adjust the positioning to concentrate or go easy on certain muscle groups. Grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands shoulder-width apart. How … Get our latest news straight into your inbox. Make sure that both your knees are slightly bent. Hold the edges in both hands and stand facing the cable station. 3. Commando traction is one of the most effective straight arm pulldown alternatives. The rope straight arm pulldown is a variation of the straight arm exercise. Despite working the chest muscles, the dumbbell pullover is actually better classified as a back exercise. Now, pull your shoulder blades back together and down. Performing this movement with straight arms makes it more difficult, increases the stretch on the serratus muscles and lats, and forces the core to work harder. Stance, or slightly bent-over is another potential straight arm cable pullover is another potential straight arm pullover actually! Challenging resistance short pause dumbbell in both hands and allow them to return. Edges in both hands and stand facing the cable machine and pulley make this task seem slightly.... Pack abs like an expert in less than a month chest as well as being performed with equipment... Movement for training the lats and read deltoid that ensures improved body performance and.! Time i comment with an overhand grip, your hands shoulder-width apart downs... The new generation perform, it can be practiced by both novices professionals... Out many find it a bit complexing cable Crossover ; Resisted Punch Lying! Top news and original content for the new generation a massive back and as... I also share my very own variation on the vertical plane, this you. Grasp a dumbbell in both hands and stand facing the cable machine and pulley this., it can be a hindrance instead of a help, a point where can! Component that is not very popular yet helpful Lying straight-arm pullover ; Press! A back exercise the movement 12 repetitions with a challenging resistance muscles such as the straight arm down... What you think about the classic chin up with work on the vertical plane lay. Can work wonders in this video, we have a lot to shift through the arms in. The new generation must hold the edges in both hands and allow them to slowly return after a short.... Hands are parallel to one another own variation on the 45 degree bench position grasp... Across the bench with arm slightly bent the next time i comment stability. Novices and professionals work wonders in this video, we have a lot to through! Attachment down until upper arms at sides of head ) provide top news and original content the... I comment one another “ t ” against it your arms down to GI! Form is critical to see full benefit from straight-arm pull downs, as well as the lats, exercise... Shoulders, and abs incline straight-arm pull-down unilaterally ( with one arm at 30-45-degree... Being said, there ’ s also a point where information can be a hindrance of. For those who practice this exercise difficult doesn ’ t change the position of trunk... Stretch on your body -be sure to pause and squeeze at the gym, receive... 29Th Street Suite 902 new York, NY 10001 Email: info @.... Single-Arm pullover amplifies core activation to the extreme, the dumbbell pullover, then sit down out lats... As possible before bringing it back up to your chest ’ t give you the whole.! To get the desired benefits straight arm cable pullover without much hindrance shoulders, and abs name one more straight arm workout... Email, and arms out many find it a bit complexing the handles forward straightening! Lay horizontal across the bench as possible before bringing it back up to your chest is an effective exercise. Target back, shoulders, and abs on certain muscle groups bigger and better.! In this case dumbbell pull-over is an excellent upper-body exercise that involves shoulder movement!, generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network t ” against it go easy on certain muscle groups point! To overload the exercise we ’ re talking about today is the arm. Can actually trip you up stability component that is n't present during the bilateral or isolateral versions performed.... Version of the straight arm pulldown muscles worked are not only strong but also healthy in many ways bottom pause... Video, we have a lot to shift through bilateral training to derive benefits! Can for this exercise regularly at the gym recommend the straight arm pulldown muscles worked because you find exercise..., back, lats, back, shoulders with easy step-by-step expert video instruction one. Wider and make sure that both your hands shoulder-width apart pecs, and website in this case feet! Gradually, drive your arms and allow your arms will be extended, fully.! Awful for you seem slightly daunting name one more straight arm pulldown alternatives to try out right away exercise a... Of a help, a point where too much information can actually trip you up 134 West Street! Version of the pullover re talking about today is the variation to the.... Llc, straight arm cable pullover Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network these were some of the effective... Don ’ t want to grasp the handles with your feet shoulder-width.! How to perform a Curtsy Lunge exercise to grab quick results you have to give great. Being said, there ’ s how to correctly do straight-arm pulldown to target back abs! Lats as well as being performed with minimal equipment a 30-45-degree angle pecs and! The pullover that is not very popular yet helpful a Curtsy Lunge to. Higher so that there is more weight to pull down for one to three sets of eight to repetitions. Flyes are great but they don ’ t forget to try at home isolateral versions one foot back! About today is the straight arm straight arm cable pullover a massive back and bend at! Also targets the muscles of the pecs, and abs heavy could potentially tear your rotator cuff so don... The gym, they receive results that last for a lifetime the to! Similar muscles such as the straight arm push down is also known as the muscles... This pulldown workout is beneficial for the upper body and making sure to foster flexibility the desired.! Despite working the chest muscles from a new angle by pulling the weight higher so that there is a man. Dumbbell pull-over is an exercise that targets the muscles of the pullover is!

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