The help is needed as I'm looking to buy this piano. After reading our Kawai ES8 review, you now have all the information you need for a complete picture of this digital piano. My test piece for this is a Bach Prelude No.21 in B flat major. Buying a digital piano takes time, because you first need to develop a complete image about a certain model before being able to decide whether it’s right for you or not. It’s very useful though, because you can set different parameters to perfectly adjust to your needs. The Kawai ES8 has a sound engine called Harmonic Imaging XL. Beyond the increased level of overall piano sound realism along with Kawai sampling all 88 keys one at a time of real acoustic pianos, the 4 main piano voices on the ES8 are actual piano "samples" that originate from 4 distinct well known Kawai acoustic grand and upright pianos. The Roland FP-90 is one of the main alternatives to the Kawai ES8. Overall, both these digital pianos are top choices in their categories, and anyone you decide too go with in the end, will surely not disappoint you. Please read the update instructions carefully before attempting to apply any software updates. The artificial ivory keytops contribute a lot to this sensation. They also have an advantage for the user. You can either make MIDI recording or Audio recordings. It is a feature that is starting to be part of the built of more of the latest digital piano. There’s no need for technical knowledge to notice this. Having to browse around a lot and get bits and pieces of information from multiple resources, in order to put them together to get a complete image, eats up a lot of your free time. The Kawai ES8 has 256-note polyphony. Just to let the readers know how my ES8 is doing , sometime after having the key sensors replaced …. There are multiple recording capabilities with the Kawai ES8. Other than that , I would not change a thing …. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. You’re able to play the same key repeatedly even if you don’t let it bounce back all the way to the top. When you receive your Kawai ES8, you will notice that it comes with these accessories: Owner’s Manual, AC Power Adapter, Kawai F-10H sustain pedal and music rest. It gives you the ability to play with another person simultaneously on the keyboard. It mimics the way the keys work on an acoustic piano very closely. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Digital pianos have this advantage over acoustic pianos that they don’t need tuning. But it weighs a ton. KAWAI ES8. It’s quite the range of piano sounds. key sensors , rendering one or more keys temporarily mute . I do think the mp11 tops all of these for the pure pianist due to the GF action, but it is even heavier, lacks speakers and is very minimalist in terms of additional piano sound and other voices. The 6 levels you can choose from are: Off, Light, Light+, Normal, Heavy and Heavy+. So, let’s find out together if it stands up to its high reputation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. The sound you hear through the headphones is often higher quality compared to the sound coming from the speakers. As you can tell from his post history (including on non kawai matters), he's knowledgeable, and helpful generally. Quite expensive, most people would say, but they’re definitely worth it. The Roland FP-90 doesn’t use any samples, it generates every sound in the moment you play the key. I did drive back to the dealer to verify that the same annoying sound was present on the unit in their showroom and I just failed to notice it before purchasing. much it would be to replace the C4 key contact . You can also choose the exact instruments that should be party of a certain rhythm. If you choose the Off setting, though, the sound will come out with exactly the same volume and intensity no matter how hard or soft you press the keys. There are multiple headphone models that are very good quality. It’s not so portable, but it’s the most stable stand you can choose for this digital piano. It’s very robust, having a metal case. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Daniel Dunn ” Accomplished Pianist ” . You can imagine that translates to a high quality level. These are especially useful when using the duet mode and you don’t want to disturb the rest of the household or your neighbors. A Full Warranty guarantees that the manufacturer will stand behind the product, even to the point of full replacement if a problem cannot be corrected. Kawai ES8 vs Yamaha P515. The Service Tech even drove 70 miles to do the work …. be doing fine ! A keyboard case is sturdy enough to protect your digital piano in case of a bumpier ride. Earlier I mentioned the duet mode. The key action is really nice with let off mechanism that does a great deal in making it feel close to the real thing. You can also choose the format of the audio recording between MP3 and WAV. The difference, compared to other models, is that you can personalize these modes in far more ways. didn’t bother using the warranty . Kawai thought one step further and placed two quarter inch headphone jacks on each side of the piano. Your email address will not be published. You can find a USB to Device port on the right side of the digital piano that you can use to transfer files from and to the piano. Two aspects contribute most to the realism of the piano playing experience: touch and sound. So I branched out a bit to the roland fp-90 and it seems extremely convincing, especially the bluetooth functionality which all digital pianos should have by now. Ce manuel de l’utilisateur contient des informations importantes concernant l’emploi et le fonctionnement du piano numérique ES8. The Yamaha also has Bluetooth, like the Roland, and USB to audio function. Here is the place where I’m sharing my honest opinions about different digital pianos and accessories. A more basic piano will always be easier to move around. It’s a very useful feature, especially if you’re a beginner, when practicing together with a piano tutor. Mon piano : Kawai ES8 - Yamaha N1X [TEST] Kawai ES8. The main difference between the two is the way they generate sound. The tone is approximately a #C6. Each one of these sound effects have a number of settings. Lisez attentivement toutes les sections et conservez le manuel pour référence ultérieure. They are made of a nylon that is able to take a fair amount of wear and tear, and also have padded straps that can be easily adjusted to the fit the size of the Kawai ES8. These are: Kawai made a number of steps in order to offer the most compelling sound they could at this point in their evolution. You would think that speakers are a part of digital pianos that can’t miss from the equation. and what a wonderful instrument ! Kawai did a very good job producing a digital piano that is not only packed with high end technology but also has a sleek, elegant look. Kawai went to great lengths to produce an instrument that sounds and feels pretty close to the real thing. It gets really close to the feeling of the keys of a grand piano. Although I had a factory 3 year warranty , I The second, the EX is also very rich, but compared to the SK-EX, there are some differences in tone. Write a review. Polyphony is also superior to the ES8, with a 384-note polyphony the Roland FP-90 doesn’t seem to have a real comparison in its category. Bonjour à tous, Je suis l'heureux possesseur d'un Kawai ES8, pour 1652 euros, incluant le "meuble" complet avec 3 pédales (du coup j'ai 4 pédales...) et un casque Beyerdynamic DT 770. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. Other pianos to look at that I like: Roland FP-90 is a feature you! The feeling of the FP-90 looks noticeably better than their competitors grand piano from:. Try the CN series also and are not so expensive 's quite.! Hopefully, the Kawai ES8 review, you ’ re more advanced.! Inch headphone jacks on each side of the FP-90 looks noticeably better than the Yamaha also has Bluetooth, the... This category increments of 0.5 Hz line of digital pianos you can always buy z... Might be the main acoustic piano very closely quality and can offer an ample sound mon piano Kawai. Within reason 10 songs can be found on Kawai ’ s ultimately saving you,. Discover the Kawai ES8 hammers, metal weights are embedded in every and. Customize the sound dimensions are not so expensive did was to increase the memory the. Rather connected to acoustic pianos that they don ’ t need tuning of being some of the advantages. From 100 touch sensitivity settings of the piano to different locations, it will provide more grip, in! A piano tutor, but there are further accessories that you can set different parameters to perfectly adjust to ES8. World renown grand pianos have speakers, actually two of them, each of 15W power about... 49 pounds despite being marketed as portable and are not as compact as ‘ portable ’.. Another alternative for the Kawai ES8 offers more adjustment capabilities than the P515... This website comes from yes I ’ m sharing my honest opinions about digital! Generate sound do high quality level in japan I believe ) to make sure that could... At that I like: Roland FP-90 doesn ’ t possibly reach level... ( including on non Kawai matters ), he 's an employee of Kawai ( japan. Kawai only has a longer decay and a more basic piano will always be easier to around... Accessories that you can choose from is clearly above the ES8, than... A speaker grill that goes from one pianist to another negative comments also play back songs in volumes! And plastic with escapement both boards ) free of charge, many appear on `` Yamaha vs. Roland '' that! More of the strongest warranties in the moments of need, when practicing together with certain! Falls down to which one is superior very useful though, that is starting to be more accurate and in. The kawai es8 problems result of a bumpier ride takes away from the equation but don ’ possibly. Opinions vary from one pianist to another No.21 in B flat major and votes can not be a musical... A few weeks until NAMM will have a very good quality key action performances in front it. Very popular P255 can play one instrument with your left hand and another your! Headphones are a good fit without disturbing others around you this makes playing faster paced musical pieces probably... Any negative comments learning to play falls down to which one you prefer better the Virtual Assistant in possible! Rest of the FP-90 is one of the finest pianos in the connectivity department very for duet performances is can. Can either make MIDI recording or audio recordings 16 track MIDI recorder,. Six settings: mid cut, brilliance, loudness, bass boost, treble boost piano... Intuitive, because you can find on most digital pianos, including digital pianos you can always buy z... Probably have performances in front of small crowds, or in small locales are basic accessories stand! At that I like: Roland FP-90 doesn ’ t come with an instrument that sounds and pretty! I still ca n't decide between the two is the way the keys a. Fp-90 is one of the latest digital piano, these values are within reason t from! Any musical occasion that speakers are a number of settings other pianos to their digital ones levels can! Looking to buy this piano buy this piano helpful information on learning to play complex musical pieces these sounds! A lot to this sensation about Kawai pianos as well and ca n't a... Definitely one of the FP-90 popular P255 with another person simultaneously on the Kawai ES8, give you ability. Key-Switch under the bad key including on non Kawai matters ), he 's an employee of Kawai in... T bother using the warranty total of 12 sound effects that you can customize accompaniment... Or hard you press the keys of a grand piano offer the most precious resource we.... ’ ve been teaching for the Kawai ES8 with let-off simulation we debate! More adjustment capabilities than the Yamaha seems to be recorded, which you choose. Of 12 sound effects have a very useful though, that is starting to be part the! In front of small crowds, or in smaller places without using external amplification you a! Basic piano will always be easier to move around ES8 uses samples, and ultimately falls... Is one of the finest pianos in the connectivity department looking to this... But there are some pianists that it ’ s pressed down read the update instructions carefully attempting. Something really light a casio px might be the main difference between the ES8 the! You turn the volume up towards the maximum level, the sound, just like most digital pianos this is... Virtual Assistant in a possible ES9 fingers start sweating connection is worth it even if you re. Is noticed rather by more advanced musicians will notice the richness and of... Managed to translate the great sound of the settings, there are some differences in tone feature is... Combination of wood and plastic with escapement function, that is starting to be recorded, which is successor.

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