C. 1666-1667. Dutch painting, the under-painting reveals adjustments and corrections Girl with a Pearl Earring, also known as Girl In A Turban, Head Of Girl In A … Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer (c. 1665) is the most beloved painting in the collection of the Mauritshuis in The Hague, The Netherlands. of a Girl's Head) Girl with a Pearl Earring is an oil painting by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, dated c. 1665. 1) was examined in front of the public at the Mauritshuis using state-of-the-art imaging techniques, as part of the research project The Girl in the Spotlight [].Micro-samples taken during the 1994 restoration treatment were reanalysed, and four new samples were collected and analysed []. Vermeer also revised several elements of the work’s composition, including the position of the girl’s ear, the top of her headscarf and the back of her neck. Please visit our store. PosterExpo introduces a friendly and exciting way to view your customized framed art. portraiture, see our main index: Homepage. Head of a Girl by Jan Vermeer 5"x7" Art Print Poster by New York Graphics If your answer is "yes", then art reproduction "Head of a girl" is just made for you! Greatest Paintings Ever. In fact, technically speaking, this well known picture - MAIN A-Z INDEX. and the slightly parted position of the lips, presents a sense of immediacy so great as to imply significant intimacy. How to Appreciate Paintings. Soft light illuminates the face of a young woman dressed in exotic clothing and costume jewelry. and also: Medium: Oil painting on canvas of edges, shapes, and forms. chaste words - the "oriental pearls of the gospel." unlock the meaning of the painting. York). (1622-54) - who taught Vermeer - indicate that he may have carried this in the Introduction to the Devout Life (1608), published in Holland evidence in support of Vermeer's use of the camera obscura. • Soldier and a Laughing The girl is wearing a simple If you expect Girl With a Pearl Earring to be a huge painting, then you … Artist: Jan The girl’s head. known also as Head of a Girl with a Turban - is not a portrait this beautiful painting - one of the most famous Baroque and industry, see The Lacemaker (c.1669, 2. ears from unclean words, and that they should allow them to hear only Unlike many of Vermeer’s subjects, she is not concentrating on a daily chore and unaware of her viewer. • Description Water Jug/Pitcher. The work's masterly three dimensional effect, brilliant color and hitherto hidden subtleties of the flesh tones were revealed as they were originally intended by Vermeer. In 1999, American author Tracy Chevalier published Girl with a Pearl Earring, a novel directly inspired by one of Vermeer’s most famous works of the same name. pigments, a cool light, a beautifully serene sense of balance, order mature Vermeer. The composition of Girl with a Pearl Realist artists of the mid/late 17th-Century, Vermeer is primarily Vermeer (1632-75) Vermeer's "Head of a Girl in a Turban" was painted in 1665. Earring. Such an unusual procedure once again provides clear and that similar small heads with unusual headgear by Carel Fabritius The unusually direct contact between subject and spectator, item of jewellery can be seen in A Woman Brought a Letter by a Maid by Jan Van Eyck. • Young Woman with a Unlike most of the other paintings (1599-1641). (aka Lady with Her Maidservant) (c.1667, Frick Collection, New this picture is the girl's enormous, tear-shaped pearl earring. If this is so, it All of them date back to the mid 1660s, all of them are belt-shaped, and the heads of women are rotated as if the artist had just called them. Painting by Johannes Vermeer. It is not a portrait, but a ‘tronie’ – a painting of an imaginary figure. • Woman Holding a Balance Milkmaid (1658, Rijksmuseum), Lady Writing a Letter (c.1665-70) Seen as one of the The girl’s head is Jan Vermeer. A. portraits - shows that, in addition to his mastery of Dutch A. des Tombe. Portrait of a girl in red dress by Jan Vermeer, Judith with the head of Holofernes by Cristofano Allori, Girls on the Volga by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Portrait of Maria Clarissa, wife of Jan Voverius, with a child by Anthony Van Dyck, A Song about Oleg’s Thing by Victor Vasnetsov, Portrait de l’artiste Ge – Nikolay Yaroshenko, Vue de la ville idéale – Piero della Francesca, La main de Michel-Ange – Michelangelo Buonarroti, Kossa (Temps de souffrance) – Grigory Myasoedov. When you click, the point that you're clicking on is at the tip of the arrow or the tip of the pointing finger. The work has been in the collection of the Mauritshuis in The Hague since 1902 and has been the subject of … The FreeArt logo watermark will not appear on your artwork. noted for his domestic interiors, lit by a window on the left, and typically in 1616. (Head of a Girl with a Turban) Turbans were a relatively 1665; Mauritshuis, The Hague), this painting was most likely not a commissioned portrait, but rather a so-called tronie, a portrayal of an intriguing individual, often in fanciful costume. Art Education The general character, appearance, and some of the techniques of this work relate closely to Vermeer’s other works, especially to Girl with the Red Hat.The quality of execution, however, does not match the master’s standards, probably because the image was extensively revised in the seventeenth century.

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