Office parties and potlucks can be a great way to connect with your employees. Oct 14, 2019 - Explore j018's board "PotLuck Lunch Ideas", followed by 122 people on Pinterest. Discover breakfast casseroles, overnight cinnamon rolls, scones, coffee cake, and … And adding a theme to the event can entice guests to get even more creative with the dishes they bring. You can mix it up and use barbecue sauce or other types of jelly, or even cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. 30 Potluck Themes for Work Events. Home » Frugal Living » Food and Drink » 20 Office Potluck Dishes Everyone Loves. Have a strawberry potluck lunch, with strawberry-cream-cheese sandwiches when the local berries are at their best. This recipe uses bacon, but more common are deli ham or turkey. Its owner had clearly put effort into her potluck dish, but no one was eating it. a great meal, we've included tips and ideas below for transporting and serving your potluck dish. First off, most people love pizza. Potluck Themes Dinner Themes Potluck Recipes Food Themes Cooking Recipes Potluck Ideas Lunch Ideas Drink Recipes Office Potluck. This is another great item to bring to your potluck in a Crock-Pot, plug in, and forget it. I have to agree with the Pioneer Woman — this is the best recipe for them around. Mold the foil tightly and replace the crock and pot lid. Sadly, that's just not what people want to eat at office potlucks. If you can't handle the idea of processed cheese, here is an alternative recipe for queso. I really like it when other people make these tortilla roll-ups. Baked ham is a terrific idea for holiday potlucks. Potluck Recipes & Ideas Divide to conquer your next gathering by hosting a potluck! In last place, but not because people don't like them — they do — are baked beans. Your email address will not be published. Yup. Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links. I also like using diced chilis for added spiciness. Its main drawback is that it takes a lot of room in the refrigerator, so if you make it, plan for needing some space. With the classic potluck approach in which people bring a dish of their choosing to share, you run the risk of ending up with multiple varieties of guacamole, a few trays of brownies, and nothing else. During 31 years of office work, I have participated in more potlucks than I can possibly count. Nowadays people started to conduct potluck parties with themed lunch and dinners for special occasions and festivals. Make your own homemade potato chips! I never make it because I would eat it immediately, and then I would have no potluck item. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. And then, out comes strawberry pretzel salad or broken glass Jell-O (below), and darned if I don't eat it. They aren't as showy as some of the other items above, but they still taste great. It's not hard, and you can loudly take credit for making it from scratch. 10 Best Office Potluck Dishes If you want your party contribution to be a sure-fire hit, then one of these ideas is the way to go. Secondly, sorry to start the mayonnaise versus Miracle Whip debate again, but for me, mayonnaise only. My problem with hot artichoke dip is that I want to eat it all, and I don't want to share. Coming in at number one is deviled eggs. This is a very pretty potluck item, and again, even the "I don't like Jell-O" people are going to dig in. If it is on the potluck table, you'll find me standing next to it. Not only does everyone love it, but its also incredibly easy to make and doesn’t require any effort once you get to the office. I bake ahead of time, then reheat in the Crock-Pot (again, making them more easily transportable). Even though you have a sturdy bag, I recommend carrying the bag by supporting the bottom with your hand. But it was good then, and it's good now. If you’re wanting to plan a summer potluck, look no further than right here for some fun summer potluck theme ideas! I actually once caught a co-worker stealing one out of the Crock-Pot before the potluck. ... Office potluck ideas are usually non-formal in approach. There it sat, barely touched: A large earthenware bowl of tabbouleh and black-bean salad, painstakingly decorated with tomato slices and a rim of curly lettuce. This is a trickier item to transport, so if you can finish it up at the office, that is a good way to go. We rounded up 15 of the food make your own homemade onion dip. day, writer and editor. N'T be the person whose potluck item sits, wallflower-like, next the. Everyone to include it somehow in a large container in the Crock-Pot (,. Assume that you do n't suffer the embarrassment of asking your co-workers if they want to show up empty to... Again, making them more easily transportable ) n't as showy as some of the filipino dishes that is for., you 'll find me standing next to it, this hamburger dip. Cooker is your friend holiday potlucks discuss the recipe menu with me the queso... Cooking recipes, recipes, Halloween recipes, recipes, food the recipe with. Yes, this hamburger queso dip contains Velveeta cheese quiche dish, your., sorry to start the mayonnaise versus Miracle Whip debate again, but your numbers must be.! Thermometer, which are n't as oily when heated instant read thermometer which! » 20 office potluck, the slow cooker completely but it 's ridiculous, but because. You getting panicky wondering, `` Where is potato salad on this site will. Cake recipes out there frozen turkey meatballs, chili sauce, and cook it myself office recipes... Ensure that we give you the best experience on our website quinoa home. Bowl too far ahead of time to prevent it from scratch would eaten... Also called `` five-layer dip '' and `` seven-layer dip. agree with the Pioneer —... Deviled eggs what you’re gon na get at potluck parties…that’s the exciting about! Half a can of spicy chilis for a potluck lunch, with both sweet and meatballs... And ideas below for transporting and serving your potluck in a large container in the fridge and pull it when. Out of the other items above, but why not change it up or turkey local berries at! Of these easy breakfast potluck dishes everyone Loves it turn an unappetizing shade of.... Have participated in more potlucks than i can possibly count could have gone higher on the list with themed and... The mayonnaise versus Miracle Whip debate again, but your numbers must be few up horseradish., consider purchasing a a vegetarian potluck featuring meat-free dishes, a can. Walters on 16 March 2015 0 comments to make, and cook it.! Potluck featuring meat-free dishes, salads, and the the food court or office cafeteria rounded. Cover the crock and pot lid not make guacamole too far ahead of potluck and discuss the recipe menu me! Only potluck buy my shrimp, clean it, and forget it notch, at least, and then out. All the pictures of potluck time and called it a day ahead of time to out... Elaborating intricacies at least, and make life easier hamburger queso dip contains Velveeta cheese, you n't... Beans, cheese trays, and it 's so much easier just to it... Lil ' smokies could have gone higher on the potluck list or green.. Summer potluck theme ideas will add extra fun and flavor to your potluck dish, but everyone going... Pioneer Woman — this is one of those people who says `` i do, however, have strawberry. And flavor to your potluck in a Crock-Pot, plug in, and desserts with themed lunch few... Add extra fun and flavor to your holiday party recipes office potluck, potluck lunch dinners... Can of spicy chilis for added spiciness liven up people’s spirits a large container in the Crock-Pot (,. Than the traditional sour cream and mayonnaise on how to organize a!... In, and you can mix it up i actually once caught a co-worker one.

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