The Audio Technica ATR 3350 is the most popular lavalier under $50. The microphone is smaller than my other lavs, the clip is small and black. I tried for roughly 5 minutes and was unsuccessful. All in all I think this definitely worthy of a … The only downside is that I wasn't sure how to take the battery out, once it's in. This mic, coupled with the Zoom H4N will make for a great portable audio recording solution. Maybe that’s why it costs more than the Sony ECM-CS3 and Olympus ME52W? It comes with 20 feet of wire! The Audio Technica, using extra 1.5volts with included battery, the messy cable, heavy capsule and a included cable splitter that is supose to be impedance match for better performance, had to be boosted to 18db (barely audible dialog and more noise and terrible HISS than ever).

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