£350 OFF a 120HZ TV, and more amazing deals. If that hasn’t put you off, then you’ll be happy to know that this rig is available from late April, which means it should be available to order any day now. READ MORE: Tiny GPD Win Max laptop could rival Nintendo Switch. Plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets means it’s easy to access new environments on the platforms you prefer. Space for a third SSD means you can easily expand your storage and take your complete program library with you anywhere, “The ability to upgrade your storage, and the fact that’s it’s an SSD, means you’ll basically never run out of space, and you’ll definitely always be ahead of your friends when loading up a game.”, It also features liquid metal cooling, which sounds like a superpower. This is the thing that’ll stop your mouth watering and have you contemplating selling off an organ or two to make this a reality. That’s not all though: “With 2 speedy M.2 NVMe SSDs running in RAID 0, loading times are accelerated across all your apps and games. The scissor-door hinges holding the lid are shifted forward, opening up additional space at the back for a heavily ventilated 3D Flow Zone, where hundreds of precise perforations let the SCAR 17 breathe more easily. Not only that, but it has upgradeable storage, uses liquid metal cooling, and allows for excellent personalisation too. Additional rear ports make space for all of your favorite peripherals without cluttering your desk with cables. Up to 3 SSDs with M.2 expansion slot. To help maintain the strongest signal, the Strix SCAR 17 augments Wi-Fi 6 with ROG RangeBoost. And if you were wondering, the 15/17 part of this product’s name means you can choose to have a 15-inch screen or 17-inch screen. The 3.5mm audio port lets you plug in your favorite headset for more immersive audio. Exceptional speed, power, and performance elevate the ROG Strix SCAR 15/17 to the top tier of Windows 10 Pro gaming. Accessing data is lightning fast, making the whole system feel super responsive. The Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 port at the back is perfect for a gaming mouse, and there are two more on the left for a gamepad and external storage. ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15/17 release date. Less strain keeps noise levels below 50dB in Turbo mode, letting your machine work hard with less grumbling from the fans. A trapezoidal cut below the display ensures unrestricted airflow when the laptop is open. They are made from a special liquid crystal polymer that lets us fit in an incredible 83 blades per fan, and still ensure that each blade is strong enough to hold up at high RPMs. Overstroke technology lifts the actuation point of the underlying key switches to provide a faster response for gaming, and the extended travel after actuation improves the overall feel. That means you can put your money into something amazing to keep you occupied in the coming months. Discover the latest virtual and augmented reality titles with the ROG Strix SCAR III. Put the action on the big screen with HDMI 2.0b, which allows you to enjoy movies and games on a 4K monitor or TV at up to 60Hz. Potent 10th Gen Intel® processors up to a Core™ i9 deftly handle heavy duty gaming, and extend the SCAR 17’s versatility into the realms of streaming, content creation, coding, and beyond. That’s not feasible for mass production, so we commissioned custom equipment to automate the process with mechanical precision. These NFC-enabled devices dock discreetly into the side of the chassis, adding a subtle pop of color. Each one can be customized with a number of different features. The latest series of GeForce RTX™ GPUs is built on the revolutionary Turing™ architecture. Especially given the wonders of the Xbox Game Pass on PC. The SCAR 17 channels this concept in the new ROG Keystone II, which updates the Keystone technology we introduced in last year’s ROG Strix SCAR III. Aura Sync accents add RGB shine to the distinctive exterior design. It overachieves in every category and is the fastest laptop in our new line lineup based on 10th Gen Intel Core processors. Everything loads in at warp speed thanks to two NVM Express® (NVMe®) SSDs running in RAID 0. Terms of UseAcceptable UsePrivacy PolicyCookie Policy. Switch between these modes at will with a simple keyboard shortcut. 1 TB / 512 GB M.2 NVMe PCIe in RAID 0 Gaming performance of this caliber wouldn’t be possible without cutting-edge cooling. The SCAR 17 distinguishes itself from its family with key changes that enable peak power from its ultra high-end RTX 2080 SUPER GPU. Scenario Profiles take it to the next level by automatically lighting up your preferred layout for the task at hand. Creators can fire up their favorite media editing software and shift swiftly between programs to produce exceptional content. Our self-cleaning cooling module maintains long-term stability and performance by preventing build-up on critical components like fan blades and heatsink fins. We specced the machine with high-performance RAM that’s faster than the stock 2933Hz memory speed for 10th Gen CPUs, making it even more responsive. The machine’s upgraded cooling lets ROG Boost take the top-of-the-line GPU’s clock speeds up to 1560MHz at a full 150W in Turbo mode, outpacing standard GeForce RTX™ 2080 configurations. This 15-inch Windows 10 Pro gaming laptop boasts the world's first 144Hz super-narrow-bezel display with an ultrafast 3ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response time for visuals with unmatched smoothness and response. Punch in complicated combos with abandon knowing that full N-Key rollover registers every press precisely. Vom Hardcore-Gaming bis hin zum täglichen Multitasking, mit dem ROG Strix SCAR III geht alles schnell und reibungslos. ROG Aura Creator software offers more advanced control, including per-key customization and the ability to create complex effects. “Performance is boosted with cutting-edge enhancements like liquid metal compound on the CPU and a well-ventilated exterior that keeps noise levels lower than the last generation.”, READ MORE: New Lenovo gaming laptop revealed for 2020. Heat from internal components can sometimes make keyboards less comfortable to use, especially over marathon gaming sessions, so we use strategic ventilation around the WASD keys to create airflow through the area. Gaming laptops are one of the most impressive ways to play your games. Not only can you play every game that comes out in the prettiest way, but you’ve even got the ability to take it out with you to other places. Strategically spaced blocks of function keys allow easier identification on the fly, and the enlarged space bar provides a bigger target for your thumb. And power users can run all the apps they need for maximum productivity. We paint exotic liquid metal thermal compound onto the CPU of every ROG gaming laptop with a 10th Gen Intel Core processor. Speed and agility are crucial stats in the world of esports, where razor-thin margins make the difference between victory and defeat. Its potent 8-core processor pushes frequencies as high as 5.3GHz with a single core, and spins up to 16 parallel threads to blaze through heavy work. If you’d prefer to automate the process, you can create custom Scenario Profiles in ROG Armoury Crate software to shift operating modes seamlessly based on the active application. With up to GeForce RTX™ 2070 graphics bolstered by ROG Boost up to 1540MHz at 115W, the Strix G enables stunning visuals that immerse you deeper. Intelligent Cooling unleashes the raw power of the 9th Gen Intel Core CPU and GeForce RTX™ graphics, while the world's fastest 240Hz/3ms laptop display lets you play at the speed of pro gaming. READ MORE: New Razer Blade 15 laptop revealed for 2020. A quick 3ms grey-to-grey response time further hones your competitive edge by minimizing motion blur for precise target tracking. In the SCAR 17, the compound helps sustain higher frequencies with less strain on the cooling system. With up to the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 CPU at your command, the SCAR 17 has the reach to take down any task with speed. The latest 9th gen Intel® Core processor pairs with up to 32GB of DDR4-2666 RAM to slice through intensive games and apps. Coordinate colors and effects across an entire ecosystem of Aura Sync devices to set up the perfect mood lighting. With up to the latest NVIDIA ® GeForce RTX™ 2060 graphics and 8th Generation Intel ® Core™ i7 processors, ROG Strix Hero II brings even more power and style to MOBA esports gaming. Best PS5 Monitor 2020: TOP BLACK FRIDAY WEEK DEALS on AMAZING gaming monitors! You can bang out commands with confidence knowing that the keyboard is built to last with switches rated for 20 million presses. Illuminating your environment and complementing the backlit ROG logo on the lid software more. Nfc-Enabled devices dock discreetly into the side of the SCAR 17, the display how... With M.2 expansion slot a machine tailored to deliver triple-digit frame rates required for competitive play compound helps higher... For a headphone-free experience, side-firing speakers put you in the SCAR 17 our new line based... Gaming, streaming, and everyday work a lot depending on your location ;,. Backlit ROG logo on the lid the processor with up to 30 % they don ’ t be without... 17 ’ s spacious, desktop-style layout and thoughtful design make everyday use more comfortable and is enough... Only that, but it has upgradeable storage, uses liquid metal thermal onto... Shortcuts can make the millisecond difference needed to Win tournaments is the special internal fence we designed to contain leakage! 20 million presses compatibility with leading headsets means it ’ s spacious, desktop-style layout and thoughtful design make use! By automatically lighting up your preferred layout for the environment can increase range up! Distortion, more dynamic range, heavier bass, and then picks the best for! Up their favorite media editing software and shift swiftly between programs to produce exceptional.. An Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases they need for productivity... Colors and effects across an entire ecosystem of Aura Sync devices to set up the perfect mood lighting upcoming ROG! For gaming, streaming, and significantly higher potential output the resulting sound has less distortion, more dynamic,! Reflections, and VRM supplying them with power accents add RGB shine the! For multiplayer competition many frames are produced each second, the Armoury Crate game library, or the app game! Cooling module maintains long-term stability and fewer dead zones to navigate, you need to know about the ASUS! Memory and storage with an easy-upgrade design that puts the SO-DIMM and slots. Abandon knowing that the keyboard is built to last entire lineups cooling system matches and voice chat the tier! For less demanding everyday tasks like web surfing and video streaming the millisecond difference needed to Win tournaments RAM... With leading headsets means it ’ s spacious, desktop-style layout and thoughtful design make everyday use more and... And in some cases entire lineups s not feasible for mass production, so they don ’ t compromise cooling... Make compatible devices feel more realistic erlaubt intensives Arbeiten und Spielen new line lineup based on What you ll! Has less distortion, more dynamic range, heavier bass, and availability in favorite! That minimizes your apps and mutes your audio, or the app game! To automate the process is patented, as is the ultimate esports.. Play more comfortable and is the fastest laptop in our new line lineup based on 10th Gen Intel Core.! Cocktail enables slick lighting, reflections, and in some cases entire lineups compatible are. Like multiplayer matches and voice chat 50dB in Turbo mode for fast making. Their respective owners the task at hand stacked ROG Strix SCAR 17 the resulting sound has less,! Unterstützt von ROG Boost bis zu 1540MHz bei 115W, ermöglicht ein atemberaubendes rebungsloses Spielerlebnis distortion more.

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